Zen World is a little mint-coloured trailer. We hand-make our gelato, sorbet  and gourmet soft serve frozen treats. We make fresh and seasonal. Once you taste our delicious gelato, you will be transported back to your happy childhood memories – when all the world was perfect.

We have a soft serve machine on the trailer. We are able to cater to boutique functions and can theme out the trailer to suit you. We create a menu to suit your theme.

Along with out gelato, sorbet and soft serve ice cream, we also have novelty cakes, grazing platters and hot food.


Mum is big into empowering kids and helping young people dream and pursue adventures, Zen World is also offering opportunities for kids to get a feel of working on an ice cream truck, making and serving ice cream.

Zen World is giving kids a unique opportunity and experience of learning life skills, business skills and basically just smashing the ‘FUN’ button! Oh! And there’s Ice Cream and deliciousness involved!😋


I have always been inspired by my kids. When miss Zen told me she wanted an ice cream truck for her birthday, I was up for the challenge.

I never had opportunities like these as a kid. This was my chance to relive some of those dreams.